A little early spring maintenance now can get your backyard ready for the growth spurt to come.

Now is a good time to schedule your spring garden cleanup with All Decked Out. Winter has left the gardens of New York City in desperate need of some attention and TLC.

We bring our power-washing equipment to wash away the grime and dirt of the city.  Fences, decks and patio stone can be made to look like new with a good power scrubbing. Don’t worry, we only use environmentally friendly soaps, stains and oils that are non-toxic to plants and humans.

A before and after picture of a backyard patio after it has been power-washed

Mildew and mold are forms of biological plant-life. Mildew is a fungus that can adhere to almost any outdoor surface: patio furniture, wooden decks, concrete stone or on brick walls. Mildew and mold spores can burrow deep into wood fibers where it remains a small colony until the moist and warm weather spurs its growth.

All exterior surfaces are possible places where mildew can grow. Even freshly delivered lumber can have spores developing on it. While mildew doesn’t affect the strength of wood fibers, it can be unsightly and possibly unhygienic to someone with allergies. The best way to reduce the spread of mildew and mold spores on your deck or backyard patio is by having regular cleanings. And throughout the year, make sure to sweep or blow the leaves and debris off your deck and behind the planters in order to keep mold growth and mildew populations at bay.

Healthy plants growing on a terrace in NYC during the spring season.

In addition to power-washing, spring cleanup also involves clearing away organic debris, like removing any dead annual plants that have been left over the winter. Annual plants that will not return get pulled up and perennials get trimmed down, since any self-seeding plants would have already done their job. We also thin out crowded flower beds and may even do some transplanting to fill in any bare spots around your garden. Shrub-like plants with wooden stems can be trimmed and have their dead wood removed. Pruning away any winter-killed branches, trimming hedges and removing fallen tree limbs, leaves and debris on or around your garden beds all helps to encourage new plant growth.

Spring flowers blooming on a rooftop terrace in New York City,

Preventative weeding and the clearing away of organic debris revitalizes the garden. After we remove the debris, rake all the dead leaves and twigs, prune and trim the trees and shrubs, and fertilize the flower beds, we get New York gardens ready for what’s next, their Spring planting.

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