Annual Plantings

Annual plantings are thoughtfully planned by our designers to create gardens that are ever-blooming. From one season to the next we aim to always keep you intrigued. Whether its berries on your Holly’s in the cooler months or the magnificent saucer flowers of Magnolia trees in the springtime mother nature has a paintbrush that is constantly at work.

Some bulbs such as snow drops will bloom when there is still snow on the ground. They are called snowdrops after all! A few examples of summer flowers we love are lantana, verbena, calabrachoa and coleus. We welcome the cooler moths of fall with flowers such as mums, cyclamen and ornamental kale. And just when things start to really get cold we make sure to plants lots of bulbs to greet you come early spring, once the city begins to thaw. Holiday decorations and festive arrangements using pumpkins and other squash are another one of our many specialties. Sometimes just a few poinsettia, some garland clad in pine cones and an aromatic wreath can make any space feel warm and inviting.



Holiday and Seasonal Displays

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