Rubberized Tile Rooftop PaversRooftop deck tiles made of rubber

Rubber tiles are not just for playgrounds. They are an excellent paving solution for many projects, and come in neutral colors appropriate for garden paving. There are several advantages to using rubber tiles;
1. Non-combustible material: complies with NYC fire code for use on roofs
2. Lighter weight and more affordable option
3. The tiles sit on the roof surface and follow the slope of the roof. This can be very useful where leveled paving or decking will raise the surface, causing railing heights to become too low. The thickness of a tile is just 2 inches. This also makes them useful where there are differences in grade between paved areas, door sills etc.
4. Made from 100% recycled material: LEED certified

2ft x 2ft rubberized tile dimensions: 24″ x 24″ x 2″
2ft x 2ft rubberized tile weights: 25.5 lbs each / 6.4 lbs per sq ft


Red rubber deck tiles

















Childrens rubberized playground on rooftop of hospital










Aerial view of the childrens rooftop playground at Roosevelt Hospital










Rubberized deck pavers are safe for children

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