Accent Low-Voltage Lighting Systems

Rooftop garden in Manhattan at night. Lighting designed for this outdoor deck with the Empire State Building in the background.With the ambient glow of New York City, lighting in a garden may seem like an after thought.

With decades of combined experience our team of designers…

Thought out lighting compliments the most expansive rooftops to the teeniest terraces completing that feeling of being in an outdoor room.

Great lighting evokes a feeling like your roof garden is an expansion of your home

Up lights: Typically placed beneath a tree or garden focal points, uplights can also be used as spotlights. At the base of a tree the uplight can be manipulated countless ways creating dramatic shadows or ambient branchy glow.

Down lights: Illuminate the resting beds and downward surrounding areas. Sometimes used as path lights, down lights can also be placed throughout plantings to add accent lighting to planters and garden flower beds.


Low Voltage Lighting

Irrigation Systems

A drip irrigation timerA hookup from a tap to the irrigation system and a hose for wateringWe specialize in the most economical and water efficient irrigation systems. Irrigation systems water your plants at the roots, reducing runoff and evaporation while preventing plant disease. Drip irrigation is eco-friendly, reduces your water bills and is very low maintenance. Whether you have a roof deck in Tribeca or vegetable beds in Park Slope, drip irrigation can be installed on all sizes and types of gardens.

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