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Here at All Decked Out we are committed to exquisite garden design backed by environmental awareness. We believe that sustainable, eco-friendly gardening is not only our responsibility, but can also save the client money in the present and future. Below are the five aspects of Eco-friendly garden design here at All Decked Out.



Irrigation Systems that Promote Water Conservation

trimming and watering plants on a terrace in NYCOne of our primary objectives when designing your urban oasis is water conservation. Naturally, your plants need consistent water during the growing seasons. We utilize eco-friendly drip irrigation systems that apply small amounts of water directly to the plant’s root zone preventing runoff, drift and evaporation. Our state of the art timers temporarily turn off the system during rainfall preventing over-watering and waste. Our designers create systems that save the client time and money while preserving our precious resource, water. To learn more about water conservation, please visit


Eco-friendly Fertilizer and Pest Control

a1-maggie-workingAll plants will need to be fertilized numerous times throughout their life. They will also need to be treated for disease or insect infestation from time to time. At All Decked Out we are committed to using Eco-friendly, organic/natural fertilizers and natural disease/pest treatments. Our main objective is to prevent these toxic materials from entering the ground water supply, which would consequently pollute our waterways.




Sustainability, Recycled Materials and Responsible Forestry

planting shrubs and trees on a rooftop in New York CityWhether installing a deck or a beautifully crafted pergola, many eco-friendly materials are used to create your stunning outdoor space. For example, our wooden pallets used to build the floating deck system are manufactured from remnants or shorts from other milling operations. Our wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified which assures the product has a positive environmental impact and is supported by a global system of verification. We also offer other flooring products that are manufactured from man-made, recycled materials. Our pedestal system, that holds the flooring material, is made from postindustrial recycled material, is 100% recyclable and is made in the USA shrinking our carbon footprint and saving you money on shipping costs. It is our goal as a company to use certified, eco-friendly materials whenever possible. To read more about why we choose to use the products described above, go to

Urban Farming and Organic Gardening

a2-people-workingAt All Decked Out we find it very important to incorporate vegetable/herb gardening into our urban designs. We have given the term “eating local” a whole new meaning by giving you the chance to become the urban farmer! It is very common today for our produce to originate across the globe and to be shipped to our local supermarket.

Two environmentally friendly goals we have are to lower our carbon footprint and to cut down on using shipping materials such as boxes and plastics. We always recommend starting our clients out with a tomato plant. You may ask yourself what kind of impact you might have growing your own tomatoes. Statistically the average American eats approximately 19 pounds of tomatoes each year, not counting tomato sauce and ketchup.

Imagine if we all grew one to two tomato plants each. You would not only be helping the environment, but you would be saving on your supermarket bill each week.

trees being plantedWe find that our hands-on designs help the client feel apart of their space and create a learning tool for children and adults alike. For more information on why we find it so important to plant edibles in our designs, please visit


Trees are Environmentally Friendly

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Who leaves the pine-tree, leaves his friend, Unnerves his strength, invites his end.” Although melodramatic, Emerson is pointing out how important trees are to the human race. At All Decked Out, we incorporate trees into our designs whenever possible. This may be seemingly perplexing as to why trees would be considered an eco-friendly point in your design, so allow me to explain. Trees are just simply good for the air. They absorb pollution and CO2 cooling the air helping to reduce temperature extremes in the summer months. Trees release oxygen into the air improving our lungs and the ability to breathe. The main support to biodiversity in an urban environment is trees. They create a home for beneficial insects that can help your other plants thrive. When strategically placed in your design, trees can provide shade and lower your air conditioning use. Budget conscience privacy screens that can span a large area are typical of tree usage. This saves you money and helps save the planet. In an urban climate, we can never have too many trees. This is a small, but effective aspect to eco-friendly garden design.

~ Marshall Back, Landscape Designer

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