A pedestal decking system being installed on a rooftop in Manhattan.


Installing Adjustable Pedestal Systems


Pedestal deck illustration and design drawing of how to use pedestals to support a rooftop deck

Pedestal systems are designed to support decking or pavers over any waterproofed roof surface.


The pedestals are made of high density polypropylene, so they are impervious to water, mold or rot. A 1000 pound per pedestal load bearing capacity far exceeds most requirements.

Each pedestal utilizes a patented threaded design, so the paving surface can be leveled precisely, and can be removed and reinstalled in case of roof repair.


bison-joist-topIntegrated spacer tabs ensure accurate spacing, lock the pavers in place and allow water to drain.

Immediate drainage eliminates the age-old design requirement to slope the finished deck surface. Pedestal systems also allow air circulation, which is critical to the health of any deck and the underlying surface.

Some situations call for a combination of support systems. In many cases, modular paving on pedestals is desired, but fences and railings need to be attached to a solid frame. Wood joists can be used to support the deck or paving, with adjustable pedestals supporting the frame.

Pedestal Decking system detail of struts holding deck to elevation on roof


Bison deck pedestals are used for supporting rooftop decks on uneven roofs.

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